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At 皇冠足彩, the study of Composition and 英语 literature is the primary focus of our department. We expect students to look critically and carefully at text, and respond to it in a formal, written manner. Our primary goal is to prepare students for college, for academics, and for their future jobs. But here, 英语 is also much more than simply learning the skills of analysis, synthesis, 调查, and communication.

Our 英语 teachers endeavor to help students develop critical thinking skills through reading and writing, and to begin to see how and why their contributions to discourse matter. It is also an exercise in learning empathy, in contextualizing our language, and in exploring what it means to exist as a human being. Through a variety of literary experiences, students will encounter ideas that will challenge them, that will force them to examine historical and contemporary ideas, to face the dark places in the human experience, as well as the summits of our capacities.

Together, we learn how to critically read and think about non小说, 小说, 诗歌, 戏剧, 电影, and literary theory/criticism. We work towards producing strong, 清晰的, thorough writing about these forms and genres, as well as about our lives, thoughts, and experiences.

Courses Offered:

NOT all classes offered every year