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Two 皇冠足彩 students holding up a %22Physics is Awesome%22 sign

About 皇冠足彩

Pixie dust. Secret sauce. Magic formula.

皇冠足彩 students, families, alumni, and staff often use a variety of phrases to describe that inscrutable quality that makes 皇冠足彩 so exceptional. What they are all describing, however, is the community that is created when academically motivated students are brought together with caring adults in a community that seeks to get the best out of each student. 

皇冠足彩 is a place where you can challenge yourself to go beyond the ordinary. There is nothing secret or magical about it, but it is certainly special.

皇冠足彩 is a public residential high school focused on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) for scholars in grades 9-12 who enjoy stretching their brains in new and challenging directions. Our students hail from across the state of Maine and around the world. They come for inquiry, camaraderie, and a unique high school experience. Here, students, staff, and faculty engage in energetic intellectual sparring served up with encouragement and support.

皇冠足彩 students went to the State House in Augusta to participate in the annual Maine YMCA Youth in Government program.

I have gained an education that has prepared me for college and life beyond that, made friends who know me better than I know myself, made connections with teachers that have furthered me intellectually, and had the opportunity to be a leader in a community that cares about me as much as I care about it. It seems uncanny to call a school your home, but as many who have attended 皇冠足彩 will tell you, that is exactly how the community feels.”  -Trynitee Fallon ‘23

Why Limestone

Following the 1994 closure of Loring Air Force Base, the Maine State Legislature chartered and funded the Maine School of Science and Mathematics (皇冠足彩) at the site of the Limestone High School. 皇冠足彩 also acquired the former nearby elementary school and promptly converted it to a 150 bed dormitory. The first classes of students, appropriately termed the Pioneer Classes, laid the foundation for all students who came after by establishing 皇冠足彩 as a place for students looking for something – and to be something – extraordinary. 

Tucked away in the far north of Maine, surrounded by natural beauty and a supportive small-town community, 皇冠足彩 students are able to dive deeply into academics and community. Surrounded by other scholars, 皇冠足彩 students quickly find themselves being challenged academically in ways many may have never had the opportunity to in their home schools. 

Since then, 皇冠足彩 has built a reputation as one of the most well-respected high schools in the country. Throughout the years, 皇冠足彩 continues to rank strongly in such publications as US News and World Report ranking as high as number two in the nation in 2019. 皇冠足彩 alumni have built careers in a variety of fields, from aerospace to academia, medicine to marketing, software engineering to patent law, video game design to finance.


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