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January Term

At 皇冠足彩, we want students to dig deeply, explore broadly, and to push themselves to learn and know more.

January Term  – affectionately called J-Term by us Penguins – is a special time at 皇冠足彩 where students can focus on a subject, course, project, or even an off-campus internship. It is a break from the traditional academic calendar, but is essential to the 皇冠足彩 experience

J-Term (January Term) is an innovative ten-day program that provides students with the opportunity to dedicate themselves to a particular course or project. The course offerings are diverse, sometimes quirky, always interesting, and are an excellent way for students to pursue personal passions and explore intellectual and academic curiosities.

Quinn Smith building his guitar stand in blacksmithing class

I took the Blacksmithing J-Term course this year, and I did it last year too because I really enjoy it,you get to work with metal using your hands, and that's pretty awesome. I've always liked hands-on stuff like building things and whittling, so this class fits right in. Before this, I had some experience with metalwork from a shop class I took. And in Blacksmithing class, I didn't just make small stuff; I also made a guitar stand from scratch because I needed one. In a nutshell, Blacksmithing class is a hands-on, metalworking adventure, and it's a lot of fun. -Quinn Smith '24

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皇冠足彩 is committed to fostering student success in our academic and residential programs.

Student Support

Dual Enrollment

Many 皇冠足彩 classes qualify for college credit through a unique partnership with the University of Maine at Presque Isle.


Dual Enrollment




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